JTI Pension Plus Calculator

Please note:

This calculator is a simplified prognosis tool which only illustrates possible developments of your JTI Pension Plus benefit entitlements. Results shown are based on assumptions. Your employer does not assume liability for any calculations.

In order to start the calculator, please click on the following link and then on „Enable Macros“ („Makros aktivieren“).

Start JTI Pension Plus Calculator

Technical note:

Please note that the projections calculator is optimized for Microsoft Excel 2003. Using older versions or alternative spreadsheet programs can result in display errors. If the projections calculator does not carry out a calculation, it could be due to the settings of your MS Excel program.

In this case, please change your settings as follows (German terms in parentheses): In the menu bar click on ‘Tools’ (‘Extras’) and select the menu item ‘Add-Ins’ (‘Add-In-Manager’). There should be a check mark next to the two special functions 'Analysis ToolPAK' ('Analyse-Funktionen') and 'Analysis ToolPAK - VBA' ('Analyse-Funktionen - VBA').

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