Your Plus for Retirement Planning

Planning ahead together – that is the principle behind JTI Pension Plus. A modern company pension plan with attractive, competitive contribution rates and extra benefits that offer you more than just planning for retirement.

In the future, it may be difficult to maintain your standard of living in retirement if you rely solely on the German statutory pension. With JTI Pension Plus, we not only make an important financial contribution to your coverage via annual company contributions, we also support you in building up your own cushion for the future. Furthermore, JTI Pension Plus offers protection and security even before you retire.

PLUS Planning

JTI Pension Plus offers you an attractive framework for making your own contribution to retirement planning. Personal contributions are also rewarded by JTI’s provision of an additional contribution.

PLUS Risk Protection

Thanks to integrated risk protection, you and your family can also depend on JTI Pension Plus in case of disability or death.

PLUS Transparency

Annual account statements keep you constantly up to date, enabling you to integrate JTI Pension Plus into your personal retirement planning.

How does the website work?

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Please note!

This website merely provides a simplified description of JTI Pension Plus. Only the signed company agreements are legally binding. They are available from your Human Resources department.

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