Three Contributions for Your Pension Provision

JTI Pension Plus consists of a maximum of three types of contribution: up to two provided by JTI and one provided by you – if you wish.

The basic contribution is financed by JTI each year. As a result, you automatically build up a basic level of security for your retirement over the years. You also have the option of making a voluntary contribution of your own to enhance your financial security in retirement. In this case, JTI adds an additional amount on top of that, the matching contribution.


The basic contribution and matching contribution earn interest in advance and are converted into capital amounts. These capital amounts are then credited to different accounts on December 31 each year: the basic contributions are credited to your personal basic account, and the matching contributions are credited to your plus account.

Your own contributions are not converted into capital amounts but flow directly into the Hamburger Pensionskasse (HPK) pension fund, as before. For employees who are not covered by the collective bargaining agreement, the JTI Pension Plus supplementary account provides an option to make additional contributions beyond the contributions to the HPK. These additional contributions are converted into capital amounts and then credited to the supplementary account.

The three accounts (basic and - if applicable - supplementary and plus accounts) combined make up your personal pension account. Annual account statements always keep you up to date about the development of your pension benefits.

More information about interest payments is available here.

Click here to be taken directly to the details of the basic contribution.

Read more about the employee contribution, HPK, and supplementary account in the chapter “Employee and Matching Contribution”.

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